R404a Refrigerant is an HFC blend that is widely used in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications, such as those used in commercial refrigeration. Whilst it has become the widely accepted alternative to CFC R502, R404A is coming under greater scrutiny due to its high Global Warming Potential, leading to an increased focus on lower GWP alternatives such as R407A, R407F, and R442A.

It is a colourless, non-flammable gas mixture at atmospheric pressure with a slight odour. Supplied in low pressure cylinders. All fluorocarbon refrigerant gases contain one or more carbon and fluorine atoms and are organic compounds. Atoms of chlorine, hydrogen and bromine may also be present.


R404A is used for common refrigeration applications that include commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration as well as plug-ins and vending machines.


Starkes refrigeration gases feature a high density and low boiling point as well as low viscosity and surface tension. They have excellent chemical and thermal stability with the capacity to be supplied in liquefied gas form, using low pressure cylinders. Many of the current refrigeration and HVAC applications would not be possible without the use of fluorocarbon refrigerants.

  • Asphyxiant at high concentrations
  • Sudden expansion will produce low temperatures
  • Wear safety goggles, protective gloves and overall and safety shoes when handling cylinders

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